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Great Cheeks!

Today, I offer a “tongue in cheek” look behind the scenes of my budding career as a sculptor.*

“Is that your first sculpture?” He asked.

That’s a bit of a cheeky question, I thought before replying: “Yes. Hard to believe, isn’t it? It’s so life-like. And look at those cheek bones!”

“Erm … yes. They are definitely … erm… cheeks.”

“I know! Next up: nudes!”

“Great. More cheeks. I can’t wait.”

Real life collided with the weekend challenges to produce these 71 cheeky words, so thanks for the great prompts to  Sammi Scribbles (sculpture)  and Linda’s SoCS (cheek).

*I am actually taking my first-ever a sculpting class and this is my first sculpture (of my husband’s head) but that is where the resemblance to real life ends. If you knew what he actually looks like then you’d understand why I have zero illusions regarding my future as an “artist.” It is fun though!

19 thoughts on “Great Cheeks!”

    1. 🤣 I appreciate your kind words. But —believe me—without some super helpful coaching / hands on help from my fabulous teacher it would NOT look human! But it had been great fun. And it’s a wonderful way to “get out of my own head” for a bit. 🤪

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