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Her Silent Secrets



It had been sixty years since she had stood on that pathway but her mind struggled to contain the same flood of emotions she had felt on that last night. Fear. Shame. Anger. Grief.

Such bottomless grief.

Emotions unleashed unwanted memories They shouldn’t have done it. They had no right. She didn’t belong to them. She couldn’t let them take her away. She had to do it. Even now, she blamed them.

She tried to stop the flood. But memories pushed through.


Desperate whispering: “Hush. Hush.”

Then silence as the light probed.  

If only they’d just let them be.


This 100 word piece of fiction was written for this week’s Friday’s Fictioners (hosted as alway by the wonderful Rochelle), but it was inspired by my contribution for last week’s Friday Fictioners. You can read that 15 word story entitled “Her Silent Secret” here. I’ve been thinking about it since I wrote it and when I saw Roger’s photo, the totality of her tragic secret flooded into my head.

Photo credits go to Roger Bultot (for this week’s prompt) and Ronda Del Boccio (for last week’s).

For a closer look at the reality that could have led to this fictionalized tragedy, take a look at The Girls Who Went Away.  I am in no way affiliated with this book or its author but it’s a story worth reading if you’re unfamiliar with the all-to-common practice of forcing women to comply with mandated societal “norms.”

20 thoughts on “Her Silent Secrets”

  1. Why is it always women and children who have to pay the price for ‘society’s norms’? This was a follow-up with a vengeance to last weeks story. Well done.

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