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Easy Rider

wistful dreams recalled

of daring easy riders

conjuring desire


I actually was a too young to have any thoughts about Easy Rider when it first came out but as a teenage I became obsessed with guys on motorcycles. And Peter Fonda on a bike-woo hoo! Probably a good thing I didn’t see the movie until years later (many years–I think I was in my 40s). Not sure if seeing the movie as a teen would have wrecked my obsession or not ūüėČ but I would have hated to miss out on that Fonda crush.

So thanks for the memories Ronovan Writes

2 thoughts on “Easy Rider”

  1. Peter Fonda is still riding unfortunately Dennis Hopper is no longer with us. The movie its self was a whirl wind change of but definitely defined a change in what I perceived a road trip to be. I thought Jack Nicklaus was the unsung start of the movie…

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