Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

Keeping it Real

Mom always hated grandma’s house.

She complained constantly. “It’s like living in a funeral parlor. Flowers everywhere and all that ridiculously ugly gold crap. Hideous!”

Thankfully. Gran refused to change a thing.

Everything was old and kinda tacky but real. That’s what made it special. Her too. She was my safe place. A counter to mom’s incessant need to keep up with whatever was trending while claiming she was “keeping it real.”

So when I came home and found her cradling gran’s favorite gilded roses to her chest. I knew. I’d be keeping it real now. Like it or not.


Written for Friday Fictioners. Thanks for the photo Rochelle.

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32 thoughts on “Keeping it Real”

  1. Not appreciating what we have right there in front of us is so sad. Once it is gone there is no more opportunity. Hopefully a lesson has been recognized.

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