Haiku & Other Poetry, tutto e niente

The Luck of a New Year

Expanding in space and time
As day dawns again

As day dawn again
Spinning ‘round the milky way
A new year is born

A new year is born
As space and time expanded
Singular no more

timelapse photo of trees with background of star
Photo by Free Nature Stock on Pexels.com

This cascading style haiku was inspired by Heeding Haiku’s Challenge to write a haiku incorporating the idea of good luck and by Sue’s Photo Prompt.

Seeing Sue’s picture made me think of our good luck that the Big Bang (AKA theory of singularity) gave us this beautiful world as well as the space and time we live in.

Here’s hoping we do a better job of stewardship in the coming year.

11 thoughts on “The Luck of a New Year”

  1. I agree with attempting to be a better steward!
    I attempt recycling more and more things.
    Our area just did a big change, only recycling four things. But all the rest gets turned into energy.
    So our system says.

    I’ve also finally recycled a wad load of yarn from an ugly sweater (into gift-away scarves).

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