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The Final Scavenger Hunt

This was it. The trail ended here. Back at grand-dad’s old place. Not sure how he managed it from his sick-bed but it was just like him. A final hunt. Pit us against each other. Bastard. He’s probably watching. From hell. Laughing.

Enough with the reminiscing. I needed to find that key. What was that last clue?

I won’t be foiled again. Mighty he may be but today the laughs on me.

I tried to calmly scan the basement. Foiled? Aluminum, maybe. No.

Then it hit me. A rare happy memory. Oil Can Harry!

“Coises!” I’m gonna be rich.

abundance bank banking banknotes

This fun flash fiction (100 words exactly) was inspired by the PHOTO PROMPT © Nick Allen provided by Rochelle’s Friday Fictioners.

With a little extra boost from FOWC (trail)

And a special assist from Mighty Mouse’s chief bad guy Oil Can Harry.


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