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People of St Pete: Terrance Brown

This week I’ve been messing around with my categories and other sundry items. Trying to make this blog better as I’m slowly figuring out how things work and how I’m really using it. And during that process I realized that I’ve totally forgotten to post links to my “People” pieces for the last few months. I think it’s old age brain catching up to my old age knees!

Anyway … I may be changing how I’m going to link to them in the future. Again … this blog is definitely a work in progress but in the meantime I’ll play catch up with some of the ones I’ve missed. I feel really lucky that I get to write these pieces. I have met some truly wonderful people in the process.

Terrance is one of those people. I had never met him but he graciously agreed to be interviewed for this story.  I’m usually pretty good at putting people at ease, but I think we were both a little surprised by how well we got on. Ultimately we spent well over two hours talking that day. And it seemed like we talked about EVERYTHING from family and favorite restaurants to the things that relative strangers (and sometimes relatives!) are not “supposed” to talk about including race, religion, and politics.

Luckily, we continue to cross paths pretty regularly and every time I see him his optimism lifts my spirits. I truly am lucky to have met him. Find out more about what makes Terrance and St. Pete special here: Green Bench Monthly’s People of St Pete

Cover Photo: Tina and Terrance on board The Looper (author photo)


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