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If the Caged Betta Could Stir Up the Sea

how liberating

to be a man for a day

and be free of me


Fandango posed an interesting (provocative even) question today: “If you could be the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?” As I thought about the question, I kept coming back to the same general thought—freedom. So instead of writing about the laundry list of things that would be different if I were a man or a presenting a manifesto on how I would use the power of manhood, I kept it simple. Being a man would mean that I was free of the constraints of womanhood.

And oh the places I’d go!  And oh the things I would do!

But I promise I would use my power wisely. I’d only stir up the sea if it was really really necessary.

As yes, I know the men have constraints as well—but that’s not the assignment 😉

Also thanks to The Haunted Wordsmith for the perfect counter-point photo to my before pic. (It’s possible the Betta may actually be a boy, but I’m told it’s a female so I’m going with that interpretation for the sake of my story.)


4 thoughts on “If the Caged Betta Could Stir Up the Sea”

  1. “But I promise I would use my power wisely.”
    I wonder how many power-seeking men (and women) have uttered that same promise and then, once in power, have done the exact opposite. Great response!

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