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Alarm Bells

Like the last two driving days, this one began with a pre dawn alarm. Coffee. Quick shower. Out the door. COLD! Wind chill in the 20s. Frost on the ground. BRRRRRR. But the early start meant we got to see another spectacular sunrise. This time over the flat vista of Indiana.

Still exhausted from our last two driving days–and with fourteen hours to fill–we knew we needed an extra boost. And for us that’s soundtracks. yes. We are car singers! Rocky Horror Picture Show started the day. Book of Mormon in the middle. And Hamilton got us through the last three hours. In between we listened to the entire pod cast– Dr. Death. Good. But scary.

Our food choices also seemed to be under the Influence of our exhaustion. Carbs. Fat. Sugar. Pancakes in Indiana. Blizzards in West Virginia. McDonald’s in Maryland.

Exhausted, sugar buzzed, and also exasperated by the thought of sitting in traffic after google warned us of a crash delay, we decided to reroute through West Virginia. Although longer, this turned out to be a top drawer choice. We got to see some beautiful and interesting stuff. Warning. It was hard to get pics. Moving car. Weird angles. Blurry. But I still caught a few things.

This power plant against the mountains looked like a castle to me.

We were in the middle COAL country but we spotted these beautiful windmills.

And on the subject of coal country, here’s a miniature golf course I’d love to play!

Best rest stop view I’ve ever seen. WOW!

And there was SNOW!

But as night fell the scenery was losing its luster. And it was getting harder to disguise our irritation about being in the car so long. So we were thrilled to see the city come in view. DC!!

A short walk. A quick drink. And an early bed. Only to be woke at 3:30!!! By a fire alarm. Ordered to evacuate the building for our safety we bundled in sweatpants and jackets and made our way down the stairs to the street.

Lucky it was a false alarm. But let’s hope it was the last alarm for a day or two!!!

Till next time.

7 thoughts on “Alarm Bells”

  1. Tina, found you through the article you recently wrote about Stephanie Edwards. Reading through some of your previous posts. English undergrad and frustrated author, admiring your published work. I am a fellow Illinoisian, blue collar upbringing, former IL university faculty member, 50 something and married a similar amount of time. No pets. Two children, by choice. Now grown and married and I am a grandmother of one. Hope our paths cross in St. Pete.

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