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I tell myself I write for the love of writing. I tell myself it’s OK if no one else reads it. I tell myself that something can be good even if no one else *likes* it.  I tell myself ….

But …

And what about …

And if a tree falls in a forest is its death worth it if nobody reads my stuff?! (Wait.  I think I screwed up that reference.)

So …

I cannot deny it’s pretty damn cool when someone else DOES like it.

I submitted this piece to The Drabble and long story short (literally–it had to be less than 100 words) they liked it. They really liked it! (Apologies to Sally Field for stealing (and then messing with) her line. No apologies to those who don’t get that reference. You have your youth–so there’s that!)

So go visit it and give it a LIKE (if you like).  You can find #foreveryes at The Drabble

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