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People of St Pete: Deneen Wyman

In a stroke of random good luck, Deneen Wyman’s name was passed onto me by a reader. They thought that Deneen was an interesting woman doing some fantastic things to help empower young girls and maybe the Green Bench Monthly would like to talk with her.  And boy oh boy they were right! She was a perfect subject for our September back-to-school time issue.

I loved sitting down with Deneen. We talked so much that I think both of our Central Coffee Shoppe breakfasts got a bit cold. I know my bacon did 😉 As usual my word count didn’t leave room for me to cover everything. So here’s just a few things I couldn’t fit in.

We bonded over our shared belief that young girls need to know more about the strong, fierce, and fabulous women that came before. The study of History too often sidelines the important roles played by women, especially women of color. Black women have been on the forefront of every major progressive change in history and a brighter light needs to be shined on that reality. We both know that it’s easier to imagine a path if you’ve seen someone that looks like you doing it! And Deneen is definitely doing her part!

When she and her girls visited Bethune-Cookman University, the girls wore t-shirts that stated: I Am a Black Child. I Am the Future.

She initiated a pen pal program between her 4th and 5th grade girls and girls in the Gibbs High School program.

She has a very strong faith that God has a plan for her.

Deneen is also an accomplished singer. Her voice is absolutely beautiful!

She has impeccable style.


Her smile lights up a room.

She is the kind of person that makes you think I should be more like her!

She is a delight.

Read more about her in my Green Bench Monthly column People of St Pete


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