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#FreePress is NOT the Enemy

Just a reminder that Stalin (as well as some other really really horrible people) was fond of using the phrase vrog naroda or “enemy of the people/nation” to describe anyone who didn’t agree with him. Those people often ended up dead or in labor/prison camps. Let’ s hope we’re on a better road than that.

In the meantime, I offer my gratitude to journalists for all the vital work they do.

I also wrote a tanka. It’ s not my best work, but it’s from the heart ūüėČ

Ode to the Dense Speculations & Fools

Dense Speculations

Nurture the Lie of Fake News

And Starve the Free Press

And Too Soon, Fools We Become    

If We Lack Will to Resist 


My opinions are mine alone but I do want to add my Writing Prompts thanks to Ronavan Writes and Putting my Feet in the Dirt


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