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People of St Pete: Bob Devin Jones

Oops! Time got away from me and I almost forgot to post this. My “day job” (which I love) once again gave me the opportunity to spend some time with an interesting, passionate, smart, and funny person. And I loved it.

My People of St. Pete column for July focused on the absolutely fabulous Bob Devin Jones. We met for coffee (me) and tea (Bob Devin) at the wonderful downtown Craft Kafe on Central Ave and squeezed every second out of our hour-long chat. Bob Devin is a fascinating guy and arguably one of the main reasons St. Pete is enjoying such a cultural renaissance. He makes me smile and think! And that’s a perfect combo in my book. Read more about him and The Studio @620 at Green Bench Monthly’s July POSP, Bob Devin Jones

Cover Photo by Denzel JG.

Author Photo of Tina and Bob Devin at a recent Art Opening at The Studio@620. (Taken on phone in low light–sorry for the poor quality.)


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