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A Haiku of Hope

Like so many of you, I am reeling. Dread keeps washing over me wave after wave after wave. Dan Rather encourages me to stay #steady and keep up my #courage. John Lewis reminds me of the importance of #goodtrouble. And Rebecca Solnit demands that we not fall into despair. Instead we must ACT and create that “Hope in the Dark.” I value those voices and I am trying to heed them. Still, I woke at 4AM with my brain spinning. Sleep refused to release me from the turmoil in my brain. So many bad things happening already. And so many bad things that seem certain to come. I’m trying to see that hope in the dark! But all I  can manage today is a humble haiku to hope.


Present Becomes Past

A River of Fortitude

Can Sweep Hate Away


Prompt Thanks to Putting My Feet in the Dirt

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