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People of St Pete: Dawn Wilder

Joyful! That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of the moment captured in this picture (below) of me and Dawn Wilder (my “People of St Pete” person for the May issue of Green Bench Monthly). Just before this hug, she shared some of the positive feedback she has gotten since the issue came out. And she isn’t the only one! Barb and Carl (from the March and April issues) also enjoyed their time in the spotlight. This news makes me HAPPY! So many fantastic people never get their day in the sun (or spotlight). I’m glad I can make it happen for some.


Interviewing Dawn for this piece was a blast. She is such a warm and funny person. I could have easily written twice as much. Some interesting things just couldn’t get squeezed into the word limit. For example, rain, shine, or blistering heat, she biked to work for two years after her divorce until she could save money for a car. She’s part Native American. Reading to the kids in her son’s grade school class is the favorite part of her week. She can do seven (seven!!!) pull-ups! She speaks nearly fluent French. She’s run marathons. And she loves red wine.

Check out the rest of the story in the May issue of Green Bench Monthly at People of St Pete: Dawn Wilder

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