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People of St Pete: Barbara Riddle Dvorak

I recently moved to St Pete with my wonderful partner and I absolutely love it here! The reasons why are numerous. St Pete has fabulous weather, beautiful vistas, a world-class food scene, and a thriving cultural atmosphere. But I’ve found that it’s truly the people that make it special, especially those people I see every day—the store clerks and wait-staff, the bus drivers and baristas, the postal workers and park staff, the custodians and teachers. It’s easy to take these folks for granted but I know that each of them has a story. Those of you that know me, know that I LOVE to write about people and their stories. I’m lucky that a local magazine–Green Bench Monthly–is giving me a chance to do just that with a new column called “People of St Pete.”

This month, I talked with a fabulous woman named Barbara Riddle Dvorak. Like me she’s a writer and fiery feminist. She loves movies and her cat and her daughter (not necessarily in that order!) Interviewing her was loads of fun and we have become great friends. She is helping me to be more optimistic and I am helping her embrace her inner dark side! Head on over to Green Bench Monthly to read more about her. People of St Pete-Barbara Riddle Dvorak


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