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The Bite of a Rose

a promise broken (like the bouquet of a rose, as sweet as sugar, veiling the sting of the thorn) leaves a bitter bite Inspiration for today's tanka comes from Ronovan Writes and Sue's Photo Prompt. Sorry to Sue for taking her beautiful photo to a bit of a dark place, but that's where the combo of sugar and… Continue reading The Bite of a Rose

Haiku & Other Poetry

dancing with the light

MADNESS TAKES ITS TOLL LIKE THE CLOUDS BEFORE THE DAWN DANCING WITH THE LIGHT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to Fandago's Word Prompt (madness) for taking my mind to one of my favorite shows of all time. And thanks to Sue's Photo Prompt for the added inspiration. Originally my brain took the "madness takes its toll" idea to a DARK… Continue reading dancing with the light

Haiku & Other Poetry

The Luck of a New Year

Singularity Expanding in space and time As day dawns again As day dawn again Spinning ‘round the milky way A new year is born A new year is born As space and time expanded Singular no more This cascading style haiku was inspired by Heeding Haiku's Challenge to write a haiku incorporating the idea of good luck… Continue reading The Luck of a New Year

Haiku & Other Poetry


the road tempts onward        but deep down in the dungeon  memories unspool Thanks to Sue for her Photo Prompt. It inspired thoughts of our lives lived through time and what that means as we age. That thought connected in my mind with this great phrase--deep down in the dungeon--from Putting My Feet in the… Continue reading Life

Haiku & Other Poetry

Winter Comes

Unbidden flurry Nature’s scythe forsaking fall       Fractured and formless ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is dedicated to my northern family and friends enduring their second (or is it their third?) early snowfall of the year. Florida has its faults (and boy this summer was HOT and LONG) but aaaaahh the winters are SWEET. Bike/Skyway Bridge photo courtesy… Continue reading Winter Comes

Haiku & Other Poetry

My First Crush

to discover words opens your mind to wonder and your heart to love Thanks to The Haunted Wordsmith and Sue Vincent for the great photo prompts. In the midst of the chaos of ... well everything, both of these picture reminded me of the sweet calm of my “happy place”--reading. Books really were my first love. The library (and… Continue reading My First Crush

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Dangerous Dreams

in danger of hope we resolve not to question the dream of all dreams I live in Florida, so if you live in the States (or follow American politics) then you’ll understand my mood this morning. Careening between anger and despair. Trying to find hope by either looking closer to home (I’m proud of my… Continue reading Dangerous Dreams