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Scalding to the touch Infatuation burns hot Scorching all reason After five (5!!) really long days of moving, it feels good to take a short break, turn my back on the mess behind me, write a haiku, and read some blogs. So thanks for being here blogosphere! And special thanks to One Daily Prompt and fandango for the… Continue reading Infatuation

Haiku & Other Poetry

The Bite of a Rose

a promise broken (like the bouquet of a rose, as sweet as sugar, veiling the sting of the thorn) leaves a bitter bite Inspiration for today's tanka comes from Ronovan Writes and Sue's Photo Prompt. Sorry to Sue for taking her beautiful photo to a bit of a dark place, but that's where the combo of sugar and… Continue reading The Bite of a Rose

Haiku & Other Poetry

Wool-Gathering in Three Parts or an Affirmation on Day Dreaming

I aimless and sleepy you idle the day away gathering wool thoughts II wool-gathering thoughts to spin daydreams for blankets indulging your mind III to indulge your mind and gather woolly respite will sustain your soul This 36 word ode to the awesomeness of idle thought is inspired by Sammi's weekend challenge to share our thoughts on… Continue reading Wool-Gathering in Three Parts or an Affirmation on Day Dreaming

Haiku & Other Poetry

Bearing Witness to the Folly of Man

we speed to the end unaware of the magic held in the moment   Thanks for the inspiration to Linda and her JusJoJan challenges! And to No Facilities for the word prompt. I took some liberties and used "testify" as an idea (bearing witness) not the actual word. Thanks also to Ronovan Writes for the words magic and man, which… Continue reading Bearing Witness to the Folly of Man

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letting go

letting go today falling into the unknown and finding balance Today's Just Jot January prompt of BALANCE courtesy of JP at Wide Eye Wondering is remarkably timely! I am in the midst of buying/selling/moving ... and my stress level has been super high. Just seeing the word made me stop and think. Today I shall let go of some… Continue reading letting go

Haiku & Other Poetry

Paris on my Mind

Dreaming of the past When lanterns blazed the night sky    And stars sparkled bright Illuming a boundless hope For tomorrow’s future   In the midst of all the terrible awful horrible things happening in the good ol' USA, I have been feeling a bit hopeless. I've also been thinking (dreaming) of traveling (escaping). Sadly… Continue reading Paris on my Mind