Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

An Impromptu Decision

It had been an impromptu decision.

A be in the moment, what could possibly go wrong, you only live once, I’m not THAT old, you’re not the boss of me kind of non-decision decision.

The kind that had ruled (or almost ruined if you asked her) his life until she came along. No. This couldn’t be on him. Surely an alarm would have gone off.

No. Not his fault.

As the water crept closer, he tore his gaze away from the gushing pipe. Put on his game face. She’d be back soon. And this was definitely not his fault.  


Image credit: Anne Higa

Thanks to Fandango’s FOWC wonderful word prompt of IMPROMPTU and Anne Higa’s great photo prompt, I’m back to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioners Challenge after a long absence!

27 thoughts on “An Impromptu Decision”

  1. Wow, impressed by how you sketch the mindset of this character in such an easily recognizable way. This guy will never take responsibility and I kinda feel sorry for his “rescuer.”

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  2. I had to laugh out loud. My DH is a DIY guy, and usually he’s really good at it. Recently, though, he’s been installing some new electrical circuits in our larger bathroom, and what was supposed to take a couple of hours ended up taking three days. And a lot of muttering. It wasn’t his fault. It was the screwball who installed the wiring originally who obviously didn’t know what he was doing 🙂

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