Flash Fiction, tutto e niente

Day Three

“That’s effing awesome!”  


“But ma. The diner car is up in the air.”

Resisting the temptation to go easy, she suppressed a smile. “Don’t ‘but ma’ me young man. I’m tired and you know your dad doesn’t have any patience for your stories. Get your book. It’s math time.”

“But ma!”

“No buts! Get your math book.” My Lord, it was only day three. How were they ever going to do this for months! And where was Don.? He went out for T.P. hours ago.

“I’m home! And you’re never gonna believe what someone did to the diner car!”


PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

This 100 word story was inspired by the fun photo provided by Rochelle’s Friday Fictioners challenge. Visit her site for details!

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